Lally with her hubby Chris

Remember those wallets in the 80’s which have photo albums? The first time I met Lally, she flipped open her wallet to show me her ex-boyfriends who grazed the centerfolds of her personal Cosmopolitan. At that moment, I knew that we would become lifelong friends. She’s always been ultra-chic in the way she styles her hair, and meticulously selects her clothing and accessories. Every time we go out, she asks one of our closest friends, Lady, to design a bangle or necklace for her.

Lally is now (as predicted) a designer. She has shop in Makati called Vintage Restore. Besides selling her designer bags and shoes, she also restores bags. She is married to her perfect ultra-chic match – Chris Dizon, and they have two handsome boys.

Recently, she decided to embark on the Healthy Eats train to bring sexy back.

This is Lally’s first of many healthy eats: chicken breast pan fried in garlic, shitake mushrooms, walnuts, sesame seeds, pine nuts and cranberry on top of spinach. Her salad dressing is simply balsamic vinegar. I will definitely try this, and I have just bought some dried cranberries from Walmart to psych myself up.

Lally's son, Lance, posing with her Healthy Eat

Thanks, Lally, for sharing this Healthy Eat! Looking forward to seeing and trying your future recipes!

Healthy Eats Facts:

Chicken – a good source of protein, protects against bone loss in older people, and has nutrients that protect from cancer
Shitake mushrooms – boosts your immune system
Walnuts – rich in omega 3 fatty acids which contribute to cardiovascular health
Sesame seeds – has calcium that helps prevent migraines, colon cancer, osteoporosis and PMS
Pine nuts – rich in protein
Cranberry – has vitamin C and helps prevent UTI

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