A couple of weeks ago, I visited B’s friends and in their backyard there were bushes that were bursting wtih wild strawberries! We took a walk, I took photos and we tasted the yummy strawberries. They were small. They were sweet. They were refreshing.

I liked how the juice squirted on my tongue!

After strawberry picking, we walked around the block. I saw two deer prancing, and the block was lined with huge maple trees! The sun was hot, the skies were clear, and the sweetness of the strawberries lingered in my tongue.

On our way home, there was a strawberry stand on the road where they were selling freshly picked organic strawberries from a farm nearby. Now we always have strawberries for breakfast. Strawberries with oatmeal. Strawberries with yoghurt. Strawberries in our smoothies.

Strawberries strawberries strawberries!

Here are some ingredients we use for our smoothies. We also add ice and organic yoghurt.

Steel cut oats with strawberries and organic maple syrup is another fave.

Healthy Eat Facts:

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, research says that strawberries can improve cardiovascular health, improve the regulation of blood sugar and prevent certain types of cancer. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C too.