B and I have a tradition every Saturday morn. We sleep in, take a shower and then drive down for brunch to–

AJ’s is located downtown in Port Watson Street. It’s clean, the service is quite prompt and the food has nothing much to do with being healthy. So I call these Saturdays our cheat days! 😀

B always orders the special and I end up choosing the worst item on the menu!

B's order: mushroom and feta cheese omelet, deep fried potatoes, and raisin bread drenched in butter

My order: AJ's special pancake with bacon!

But the best thing about AJ’s Family Diner is their freshly ground and brewed coffee!

I’ve also been mulling over the concept of health in the past few weeks. Choosing health is a commitment, and it’s not just about eating healthy and exercising. It involves choosing to feel and express our emotions in healthy ways. It means choosing relationships that make us grow and smile. It means choosing to walk with G every day. It also means letting your hair hang down once in awhile and staying away from the measuring cup. So I would argue that having a cheat day once or twice a week is actually healthy!

I’ve also been thinking about photography and writing, and how human beings have a desire to capture special moments, whether through a Facebook status update or mobile upload or blog.

It’s almost the end of my summer vacation, and therefore my last day in Cortland. It is also my last day to be physically with B for the time being.

For many years, I’ve learned to shun memories, whether sad or happy. It’s painful to remember, and perhaps (I’ve convinced myself) futile too. I’m the type who gives myself a day to cry, and then I move on, walking into open doors that lead to the unknown.

But today, I feel different. I’m sad that I’m leaving Cortland tomorrow, but I’m happy that I’m with B. I’m happy with many of the memories we’ve made, whether they involve cooking or walking or going to church or watching “The Office”. I’m happy with the fourth of July weekend we spent together and the drives through upstate New York counties, which could’ve been yanked out from an Edward Hopper scene. (But more about our fourth of July weekend in a future entry.)

I can’t help but remember that many months ago I walked into a door and had no idea what was in store for me. This time, I want to stay in this room. I don’t want to walk out and move on.

And thanks to the compact memory machine that’s secured deep within my purse, I’ll able to somehow preserve these moments.

And just as long as G writes our story, it looks like we’ll have many more. Love you, B. (Even if you and Jessica Fletcher are a package deal. ;-D)