I’ve been cooking pasta dishes for years because it’s one of the easiest recipes to cook if you’re always on the run. I also like experimenting with different ingredients that go with different kinds of pasta, and I encourage you to do the same. Here’s an easy recipe that serves two.

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1 cup whole grain pasta
4-6 chopped garlic cloves (adjust according to your taste)
1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms
1/4 cup capers
olive oil
1/4 cup of shredded low fat cheese
salt and pepper
Italian seasoning

Boil water in a pot, then add the whole grain pasta. Cook the pasta for 7 to 10 minutes over medium heat and drain.

On a sauce pan, pour some olive oil and pan fry the garlic until brown. Add the mushrooms and saute for 5 minutes. Add the capers and cooked pasta noodles. Mix the ingredients. Add salt, pepper and Italian seasoning to taste.

Serve on a plate and sprinkle cheese on top. Bon appetit!

Healthy Eats Facts:
Whole grain pasta – associated with developing a significant lower risk of cardiovascular diseases
Garlic – is also good for the heart
Button mushrooms – boosts the immune system
Capers – low in calories and rich in anti-oxidants
Cheese – has calcium which can contribute to preventing colon cancer, osteoporosis, migraines and PMS

The World’s Healthiest Foods
Science Daily