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I’m now back in this harsh reality which I call Mumbai. Within less than twenty four hours I’ve managed to cab ride through heavy rains while the driver smashed through potholes, sneeze my way through my apartment filmed with dust, wipe fungus off a pair sandals I haven’t worn in a month, and get rejected by five rickshaw drivers on my way to the grocery. Did I mention that I’m now battling the unpredictable rifts of jet lag?

This is where I slam on the brakes of my negative thoughts. Why? Simply because ranting doesn’t help me. The last thing I want to do is slide down the slippery slope of a post-vacation funk, which the Woman in Thrisis describes. And why? Ranting seems to be the rage these days, the norm to get something out your chest. I have nothing against it if other people do it and feel better. But when I do it, it’s toxic and I get depressed.

The truth is–I miss B.

The present reality is–I’m here in Mumbai with bills to pay and work to do, which means that I need to get out of this funk…fast!

Here’s a list to help keep me on the mental health trail–

1. Pray, pray, pray! So far it’s helped me get a rickshaw and unpack.

2. Remember the reason that I’m here. Less than a year ago, I was starry eyed as I deplaned. Since then, I’ve gazed at Mumbai through the eyes of a traveler, where every corner was waiting for an adventure to unfold. I refuse to let this love affair end!

3. Start working at home every afternoon to help me warm up and focus.

4. I’m inspired to do blog posts every day until the end of the year. I found The Daily Post from my friend Paula’s blog, You Are Here. I’m seriously contemplating joining it, at least from now until the end of the year. Will let you know if I do!

5. I’ll continue eating healthy and blogging about it. I still have some posts that I’m working on from my trip to upstate New York. So please bear with me as I hop from Mumbai to Cortland and then to Philadelphia, NY in my entries.

6. You may be wondering what the photo gallery at the top of the entry is all about. These are good moments that I’ve had in Mumbai and want to remember. There are so many positives things about this city: the people, the culture, the community I work in. Right now, I want I need to remember.