“Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.”
Elbert Hubbard

I arrived in Mumbai on Sunday, slept, woke up, and embarked on what is usually my Saturday morn routine.

Namaste, India!

I haggled with a rickshaw driver, who meandered around puddles and traffic to drop me off in–

Hypercity in Malad, Mumbai

There are several restaurants inside this grocery store, but I always end up patronizing the Mumbai Bistro. Browsing the menu is pretend play because I always order the same dish.


It’s a flavorful vegetarian entree which consists of chickpeas, coriander and secret spices which I am determined to discover and simulate! This Mumbai Bistro order comes with–

cheese parathas, raita and mango pickle. (A better photo coming soon!)

Ooooohlala!, I sing, as the flavors meld in my mouth! My ritual starts by taking a slice off the mango pickle, digging my spoon into the chole, and slathering the concoction on a paratha. And as I munch on this delectable delight, the mixture of spices and salts explode on my tongue, which craves to be cucumber cooled with a dollop of raita.

My meal always concludes with the best tea in the world–

masala chai!

Tea is served to commemorate welcoming guests in Indian households and businesses.

So I’m lifting my tea cup for the upcoming school year! It will be a chapter filled with new people to collaborate with, the authorization, new ingredients and recipes waiting to be discovered, relearning how to write, and cheat days at the Mumbai Bistro.

Namaste, India!