Today is a wonderful day and it’s not over yet! It’s the Saturday before school starts and we just had our parent orientation. I entered the school and each floor was adorned with a rangoli!

On the seventh floor

on the second floor

in the lobby

Rangolis are a traditional Indian art form. They’re usually created out of colored sand, rice or flowers. In the past, they were used to welcome Hindu deities. But in our school they’re used to welcome guests and mark auspicious occasions like today.

The school I work in is not just your run-of-the-mill international school. It’s a wonderful community bustling with inquiring minds and parents who are eager to partner in their children’s education. I felt warm inside as I saw familiar smiles and exchanged summer vacation stories.

I’m really excited for Monday, the first day of school. I’m excited to see students again and the sparkle in their eyes. And as I said, my day isn’t over yet. I had a celebratory lunch with Kinneri and a wonderful dinner with BR and family. But more on that in my next entries.

For now, I just want to the time to stop and thank G. Thank you for giving the school a wonderful leader who inspires me. I’m sure he will also inspire other teachers and students. Thank you, G for plugging me in a warm, open and positive community. I am looking forward to the school year ahead, and I’m glad that you’re marking this occasion with rangolis!