It’s been a busy two weeks in school that involved making new and returning teachers feel welcomed, conducting workshops and planning sessions, following up on resources, fine tuning our curriculum, finalizing class lists and preparing for our parent orientation. I immediately felt at home as I greeted familiar faces, but I am also excited get to know new students, new teachers and new parents. The current faculty and student body is now a melting pot of people from many nations. We’ve also anticipated the school’s major growth spurt and I’m glad that our hard team work has borne fruit. We’re now very organized, and yet able to retain our sense of warmth and community.

Kinneri and I decided to celebrate our hard work by treating ourselves to a buffet in Global Fusion. It’s a restaurant located in West Bandra on the third floor of Link Square mall.

J, our American colleague and friend, recommended Global Fusion months ago. Sushi is my favorite food and I’m always craving for tekka maki, but it hasn’t been easy for me to find fresh or frozen tuna, let alone sushi in Mumbai. I’ve also tried several Chinese restaurants and been introduced to Bombay-Chinese cuisine, which is different from the traditional Chinese food that my Southeast Asian palette is used to. I would have to say that so far, with my limited experience of Mumbai dining, Global Fusion serves the most authentic Chinese and Japanese food in the city.

You must also be wondering who Kinneri is. She is one of my good friends in Mumbai, my cultural translator and I have so much to write about her insights into the ins and outs of the city. But I will save that for future entries!

So back to our cheat day in Global Fusion.

We sat next to the salad and sushi bar, which serves tuna, salmon and red snapper sashimi on top of an ice bar. Here’s what I ate–

california maki, tuna sashimi, red snapper sashimi, pickled ginger

salmon sashimi, shitake mushrooms which squirted savory juice on my tongue!

Still pigging out on California maki! It's the white rice that makes this meal unhealthy.

We also ordered steamed shrimp dumplings!

The Chinese food section, where chefs cook as you order

Steaming dumplings!

We didn't know that one dumpling would be served in one pot. I ordered 8!

Of course, no buffet would be complete without desert 😀


This was a sweet surprise for me! There was a cold moist spongy cake inside that absorbed the caramel and drizzled sugar on my tongue. It was delectable!

It was a great afternoon of food, but more than that, I’m glad that I carved time to celebrate with a good friend, good food and good conversation!

But alas, my cheat day hadn’t ended yet! After a wet rickshaw ride home and a shower, I was off to Hotel Novotel in Juhu beach for an Indian treat with BR. Stay tuned for more culinary cheat treats from The Square.