Perhaps my story starts here.

It was early May 2009 and I had just landed in Detroit on a layover to New York City. I was hungry, tired and weary from all the immigration checks. I decided to have a meal. Jet lags rob you from naming your meals breakfast, lunch, dinner. There was simply a cavity in my gut and Mexican seemed like the right and refreshing choice for that moment.

I remember ordering some kind of salad. Perhaps taco or burrito. And a deep sense of anxiety sank in my soul and took my breath away. A doze of anxiety that was enough to suppress my appetite.

The salad was eight dollars. A whirl of numbers circled in my head. My monthly salary during that time minus my rent, my car payments, electric bills. Not to mention the meager amount of pocket money I brought to cover for my month long vacation in New York City. It just, I now regret to say, it just didn’t seem enough. How would I survive in a city I couldn’t afford?

My heart stopped. I panicked. I can’t afford this. I can’t afford this, I kept telling myself as my thoughts spiraled into the abyss of irrational worry. And it was at that moment that God put a finger to my mind’s lips.

Have I ever let you down? I will provide for you. It was His Spirit’s impression upon my heart, a brick that crushed the worry in my soul, a moment I will never forget.

It is now January 2, 2012, two and a half years after that moment. And here I am again, in the same airport on a similar eight hour layover, on my way to Mumbai.

God has done amaaaazing things in my life since that May moment in 2009. I’ve left the Philippines. I’m now working in a wonderful school in Mumbai. I’ve met my amazing B. All stories, handcrafted from God’s personal pen. Stories that I want to share with you. Stories that are happening in the present. Stories that are yet waiting to unfold and be revealed.

But today, to celebrate the second day of the 2012, I want to honor God, the author of my life. He makes everything possible! Thank you, Lord, for speaking to my heart and allowing my ears to be open to your infinite wisdom. Thank you, Lord, for writing my story. I love you.