B and I watching a pet video at the Beach House, Brown Mills, New Jersey

2011 was simply amazing!

I have yet to pause, savor the memories and churn stories from these frozen photos and story lines in my mind so I will always remember God’s amazing blessings. I cherish everything He has given me this year: from meeting B and his wonderful family to working with wonderful people at OIS to traveling around India and the East Coast to being a contributor to the PYP authorization to having friends from Manila visit and share unforgettable Mumbai moments.

I have yet to pause and be grateful for every single moment. But right now, it is time to look ahead.

Summer 2011 in Lewis County, New York

I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions in years because I never keep them. But in my Manila church, we were encouraged to fast every year and pray with a partner. (I admit that I really miss my Manila church and the connection that I had with my spiritual family over there but perhaps more on that in another blog entry.) Along with the fasting, the church encouraged us to believe in God for certain things. I’ll share some of it over here, but not all, because some are private :-).

This year I am believing God for…

Personal Faith Goals
*That I will have the discipline to pray and read the Bible every day
*Complete obedience to God
*For my heart and words to convey gratitude all the time

My Family and Friends
*Healing for broken relationships
*God be the center of my relationship with B
*For B to meet my parents
*Continue having happy relationships 🙂

My Career
*Motivation and positivity at work
*Be able to inspire others to be the best teachers they can be
*To write, take photographs and blog every day

*Eat healthy and exercise to be part of my weekly routine

How about you? What are you believing in God for this year?

If you’re interested in knowing more about Victory Church’s prayer and fasting click on http://victory.org.ph/fasting2012/.