Today is a perfect day, so forgive if I milk bits and pieces of this day in my next three entries.

I decided to go to my Mumbai church after five long months. I’ve always had a reason or excuse not to go–It’s too far. I have to finish my work. I can pray to God at home anyway.

But late December and January have been lean months for me and I find myself facing the withdrawal symptoms of workaholism–boredom, restlessness, the constant search for challenge.

So today I invited K to come to church with me in South Mumbai and the worship started with Pastor Kevin telling us to dance to the worship team’s music. Who danced during New Year’s Eve last week?, he shouted. A flurry of hands went up. If you can dance during New Year’s Eve, you can definitely dance for the Lord! We want passion in here! Did you know that everyday in heaven we will be dancing? Celebrating! Let’s erase the stiffness! The deadness! Let’s all come alive!

Church Band

And with that I clapped my hands, sang from heart and swayed my hips, shaking off what I hope are the last remnants of my workaholism, restless, boredom and constant need for challenge.

There is just so much more to enjoy in life!