Like I said in my last two posts, today is a perfect day.

I know that many people who read this are skeptical about messages from God. And I don’t blame you. I’ve been on that same boat. But once I started letting go of my skepticism, once I started opening up my heart to Jesus, and once I started allowing Him to do good things in my life, every day has been an adventure for me, an opportunity to walk on water, and opportunity live out my dreams.

But, this story isn’t about me. This story is about my friend, K.

K outside Lion Gate, South Mumbai

K and I went to church today and I asked Pastor Kevin to pray for her. He didn’t know anything about K. All I told him via text was, “She needs prayers for getting work in the U.S. and a U.S. visa”.

After church, Pastor Kevin started praying over K. My hand was on her shoulder, and how I wish I had recorded what he said. I can’t recall his words verbatim, but here are some key words–

You are experiencing a new season, a new life. You seem to have a lot of burdens in your life, I’m not sure what’s holding you down, but there are a lot of burdens. You will experience freedom from these burdens. You will have open doors, divine doors and clear directions. I pray for peace and that God will reveal Himself to you.

The hairs on my arms were standing, and I was tearing up, because Pastor Kevin doesn’t know anything about K, but he confirmed many things that K had been experiencing. When he spoke to her, it reminded me of the time Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman. The only one who fully knows K is God, and at that moment, He spoke directly to her.

K, God is calling you, and He’s calling you now. Now is the time to get off the boat.

And walk on water.