Last Friday, K and I dined in Bandra. But Out of the Blue isn’t really in Bandra. It’s in Khar on the border of Bandra. But since Bandra is the hip part of Mumbai where many yuppies, artists and Bollywood stars have taken residence, many citydwellers prefer to think that Out of the Blue is in Bandra. (Confused yet?)

We got lost along the winding cow trails of Khar but many streetwalkers guided us along the right paths and it was sure worth the traffic and uncertainty of location when we reached this artsy little place called Out of the Blue.

Here are some photos to celebrate that Friday the thirteenth!

Interior near the entrance. There's a mini gallery at the end of this hall.

K had a red snapper creole dish!

I devoured the recommended barbeque chicken. The sweet beets and spinach that accompanied my dish were amazing! I also drank a white house wine that was sweet and cleansed my pallette!

A private booth

Delectable desserts which we stayed away from because we were stuffed!

Do you have any other Mumbai restaurants to recommend? Let me know so I can try them out!