B is always complaining about my expensive taste in food. I can’t help it. Cooking healthy fresh food is an investment on my health. It’s much better to spend money on nutritious food now, than paying for expensive hospital bills later on in life. I take my health seriously.

I like my nutty pop-in-your-mouth quinoa. I love my crunchy lettuce. And I love munching soft, salty cheese.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I can only find quinoa and lettuce together in one place in Mumbai, and that place is my beloved Nature’s Basket.

Nature's Basket in Powai

Nature’s Basket has several shops in Mumbai but the one I visit is in Hiranandani Gardents in Powai. It’s a small grocery store with fresh vegetables, fruits and what they call “world food”. They have local items such as lentils and chicken, but they are more known for their imports. Some of my favorites are their cheeses–they have Swiss Gruyere, Stilton and today I bought some Brie. They also have Modena pepperoni, another fave junk food! They have jars of different types of Thai curry. Today, besides my quinoa and lettuce, I bought Tahini salad dressing. I’ll be grilling some garlic chicken either tomorrow or on Monday, so to add spice to my chicken salad, I will try the Tahini dressing. I’ll let you know if that turns out well.

If you find yourself in the Powai neighborhood, and are willing to spend extra money on world food, do drop by Nature’s Basket. The choices they offer are worth it!