Last Sunday, I attended church service at Every Nation in St. Andrew’s, Colaba. I know that many people are skeptical about God speaking to us in this day and age. I understand. I used to be skeptical too.

At this point, all I can say is when you’ve had a personal encounter with God, and I mean the hair-raising, transformative kind that you can’t explain with logic, after all, it is an affair of the heart, and when you have that personal encounter, if you choose there is no turning back, scales falling off eyes. Only a way forward. Forward, pushing into deeper peace. Deeper security. Gone will be your days of emotional neediness, black holes, confusion, swirls, lost, striving. And you know that whatever happens, with a security that refuses to be shaken, storms, blizzards passing, than in this life, the next life, you know you always belong to Someone. You always have a home.

Last Sunday, Pastor Conrad, Pastor Kevin’s brother, a guest speaker at our church, he shared a powerful message about spending time with God and listening to Him. He looked at me, his words cutting my heart. I haven’t been listening as much as I should. Pastor Conrad shook a notebook up in the air with notes from God. He wrote down God’s words, words jumping off pages. Words coming alive, writing life. That’s how passionate Pastor Conrad was, as he generated story after story about God’s power, His plot, His story, His love for us.

One day, I will also listen as much. Listen as long, in quiet space, capturing every word. Listening to His every song. And story. Like now, perhaps, one more second, one more day at a time, sitting at His feet, trying to shut ears from the world, attempting to listen.

I video-taped the beginning of the sermon. I hope you are as inspired as I am.