I’ve been working in international schools for the past eleven years and International Day is always my favorite special event. Yes, I know that we have to get beyond flags, food and festivals, and focus on culture, diversity and other concepts. But still! I don’t mind being thematic even for just one day! I love traveling to classrooms that represent various countries. I love tasting diverse flavors. I love the colorful costumes, fun games and awesome dances. I love it when parents help out and participate! Hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I do! 🙂

Students representing South Africa!

The path to Sri Lanka

Love it when parents help!

South Korean fans inspired by their flag's colors

Indian artifacts!

More Indian artifacts

R's child representing Sri Lanka

Can't get enough of Indian artifacts!

Posing by the Hall of Fame stars in Seema's class which respresented the US of A

Cherries are a common fruit in Norway