In a previous post, I talked about the Leftover Book Challenge–a self challenge to finish the unread books on my shelf. I am happy to say that I’ve finished my first book–The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins!

My Pinay friend, Aleta, gave me the book as a thank you gift when she visited me in Mumbai last year. Thank you, Aleta! This book is a definite page turner!

The story is reminiscent of the reality show “Survivor” except that it’s set in the future and the characters are fighting for their lives! I can’t get enough of Katniss Everdeen, from how she paraded around in her fire outfit, to her shooting acumen, and to her naivete at how beautiful and talented she is. I like how the author Suzanne Collins gets into her head, and takes us on a journey of how Katniss strategizes to win the audience as well as the Hunger Games.

Peeta is the man every woman wants, the man who fights for his love. Although, I actually like Gale more, Katniss’s best friend, the one she goes hunting with. I have a feeling that The Hunger Games, book one of the trilogy, has just planted the foundation for a future love triangle.

The language in The Hunger Games is also very poetic. The descriptions are clear and it’s an easy read (it’s written for adolescents, actually) but it’s good writing, something I haven’t had in quite some time! It’s also a good first book to read if you want to get back into the reading bandwagon.

I’ve started reading Catching Fire, book two of the trilogy, and I already I’m hungry for more! Five thumbs up for the Hunger Games. Thank you, Aleta, for gifting me with these two books. I’m hoping that Catching Fire will just be as good as the first installation of the trilogy.