I’m taking a brief hiatus from my Mumbai Night series. I’m just so excited and a bit high that I’ve passed the one hundred mark on two counts, which translates into I’ve officially entered WordPress geek-hood. The blogosphere is new to me so I’m still focusing on content content content, while finding my way through tags, giving constructive feedback to other blogs, and using my blog reader .

But today, I’m taking the luxury of pausing and celebrating that I’ve written 107 posts! I’m delighted! But I know also know that it means I have to raise the bar. So I’m off to my next goal of writing 200 posts, hopefully with better writing and photos. (Help help help, Daily Post! I miss your inspiration!)

Here's proof!

I was also surprised this afternoon when I saw that I was about to pass 100 site views today!

More proof!

I know it sounds like a low number but it’s a big deal for me! I waited, obsessed, until I saw “99 site views” and then “102”! When I looked at my referrals it said (not verbatim): Google Images Kala Ghoda Festival 2012. Of course, I searched it and found the photo of my favorite sculpture from yesterday–

I love technology! I love WordPress! I love Google image!

But tomorrow is a new day. A day to sober up and pretend my site views are zero. A day to search for travel adventures around the corner, camera case slung around my shoulder. A day to squint, strain my eyes, crave for quiet, write, slap out my editing knife, and practice practice practice. Write write write.

Whether anyone reads or not.