Don’t you love happy accidents? This morning, I woke up with no plan to visit the Durshet Village. A field trip site visit, travel stories exchanged with Ayush, and my love for taking photos led me to this village where I met Raibai.

She’s more than 100 years old, and the fact that she has lived that long and is happy, made me reflect on my high-maintenance lifestyle. In the Durset village, they wake up to a lovely view every morning. They eat organic veggies and exercise as they transport water from the community faucet to their home. They take siestas and live happily with family.

In my world, having a gorgeous view, eating organic veggies and taking a siesta costs a fortune. In their world, it is almost free.

The world is an amazing place, but it is also ironic.

More on this happy accident in a future post.