Elphinstone College, a university in Mumbai established in 1856, noted for its alumni who have made an indelible impact on India and the world. These include: Jamsedjui Tata, founder of Tata Enterprises and Gopal Krishna Gokhale, founding member of the Indian Independence Movement.

Elphinstone College, famous for its Romanesque style building. It is a structure built from heavy stone, full of arches and details which include antique patterned floors. In Mumbai, it is classified as a Grade I Heritage building.

Elphinstone College, the venue for the travel writing workshop, conducted by Dilip D’Souza. At one point, he asked us to walk down the first floor hall and note down the details we observed. My way of recording details is to take photos.

I couldn’t help but observe that there was a lack of effort in maintaining the building. This gave me a sense of regret because it is a building full of history and beauty. It is a heritage site! Something Mumbaikars should be proud of! And I believe that it is worth pouring funds and effort into to keep it clean and well-maintained. I say this as constructive criticism because I know that if someone drives it, it can happen!

Here are some photos I took for those ten minutes–

The church steeple

One of the workshop participants taking notes on the details she observed.

How much effort does it take to straighten a painting?

Animesh, a fellow workshop participant, noticed that all the old South Mumbai buildings have head sculptures on top of the entrance. He pointed out this detail to me in the oil painting.

A sample of a desk outside the classroom.

I'm wondering why there's a wheelchair, covered by a sack, chained to a pipe. Is it for emergencies?

I love how old elevators look. Not sure if I like riding them, though.

Pigeon poop!