It’s elections in Mumbai! It’s also time to vote for your favorite Kala Ghoda installation amongst these four! Take a look and place a tick on the poll located at the bottom!

"Radiance" by Badal Suchak. This man has risen out of the coils and discovered his inner radiance. He is reaching out to us, the viewer, and hoping to inspire us to find our own inner radiance.

"Green Beacon" by the CSVMS Museum Team. It symbolizes the widespread use of plastic and how it's ruining our ecosystem.

"Duration Conglomerates" by Various Artists. This represents the diversity in India's social structure.

"The Rearing Horse" by Sukant Panigrahy. He creates art that inspires awareness of nature and its beauty by using found objects and recycled material. The sculpture embodies courage, strength and freedom before adversity.