Nobody ever talks about Catching Fire, the second book in Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series. It is the middle child of the series, the one which needs to fight its way for recognition.

After the other day’s pigeon poop stress, I did my necessary household chores then curled up in bed with Catching Fire.

Here are five reasons why I think you should read it:

1. It’s entertaining. If you’re looking at jumping back into the reading bandwagon, the second book of the The Hunger Games trilogy is perfect. Although the beginning is a little bit slow because the author spends a lot of time telling us about Panem’s (the setting’s) history, it picks up in the middle and the third part is an absolute page turner! As I was reading, I felt like I was watching a reality show!

2. It reads like a film. If you close your eyes and picture the setting Suzanne Collin’s describes, it is vivid, colorful, futuristic. The costumes the character Cinna designs-wedding gowns turning into smoke and mockingjays-are absolutely riveting! The auditorium where the Hunger Games takes place is full of clocks, forests and lightning bolts–the perfect escape from the reality of pigeon poop!

3. There are conflicts on many levels, the perfect ingredient for drama! There’s a conflict between the Capitol and Panem’s ordinary citizens. There’s a conflict between President Snow and Katniss, the protagonist. There’s a conflict between Peeta, Katniss’s love interest, and Katniss. Peeta’s intention is to keep Katniss alive during the Games, and Katniss’s purpose is to keep Peeta alive. Who wins? Not going to tell you…

4. I’m no pop-culture fan, but… The Hunger Games film is coming out this March in the US. (Not sure when it’s coming out in Mumbai.) It would be good to see and compare the book to the film adaptation

5. As a writer, I like Suzanne Collins because she can connect to her audience through a compelling character, simple language, and imagination. I can certainly learn to do the same.

I can now highlight and link another book on my Leftover Book Challenge. Two books in one month! Not bad for someone who has a fairly tight schedule.

I do admit to now cheating on my Leftover Book Challenge and treating myself to Mockingjay (and Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, but that’s another story), the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy! So now as I curl up on my couch with a Kingfisher and Mockingjay, I’ll let you know how this goes!