Count your blessings. Be grateful. It’s become a cliche, a form of self-brainwashing, a colleague reminded me the other day. How can you be happy when the ________________ (fill in the situation) is like this?

But as I don my social scientist hat, and observe the happy and depressed, the only deciding factor I can come up with is–it boils down to making a thought choice. This is a choice we make in our heads. When we feel that we are starting to slide down the slippery slope of pessimism, will we continue to slide? Or will we stop ourselves, take a deep breath, and choose to view problems as growth opportunities? Can we begin to see people who rub us the wrong way as an opportunity to develop the attributes patience and self-control? Can we begin to see conflict as a way to come to better understandings which can take the collective to another level?

A few days back, my friend L posted this Ted Talk on Facebook. He had a message that I needed to re-listen to–Happiness is not dependent on external factors. It’s a mindset you can choose in the here and now.


Following Shawn Achor’s advise, I’d like to list down some things I am grateful for today–

1. B. He understands me, loves me and makes me laugh all the time. He brings so much joy into my life.

2. Traveling. Every time I travel, I live out my dream.

3. A very thought-provoking meeting today, where I learned about authentically sharing perspectives and coming to new understandings.

4. The sun setting over Mumbai. The sun was orange, the sun was huge, the sun was beautiful.

Thank you, Lord, for such a beautiful day!

What is your perspective on happiness? What are you grateful for today?