It’s been a month, or perhaps two or three months, of transition. It’s a season of uncertainty. It’s a season where curve balls are being tossed amidst a time where you have to make life decisions.

It’s also been a season where I’ve clung on to my anchor – God. Yesterday, I read a blog entry by David Bonifacio. He imagined himself with a daughter in a world with many demands and opinions. He’s in the middle of a series where he wants his future/fictious daughter to remember who she is in Christ.

It made me remember who I am. I’ve been meditating on Deuteronomy 28:1-14. It’s made me remember that no matter what happens, I am His daughter. He is generous and wants to bless me in every single way.

Will I obey Him? Or will I do my own will? Will I be swayed by others’ opinions? Or will I open my ears and heart to what He says, and trust that He will give me the grace to follow?

Here is what I’ve been declaring every morning based on His word–

Lord, you are first in my life.
You are my Heavenly Father, I am your daughter.
I want to obey You every day and follow Your commands.
I have faith that You are blessing me in every aspect of my life.
I am blessed in the city and in the country.
The fruit of my womb will be blessed.
My family is blessed because You are at the center.
Every thing I touch at work will succeed because of Your power.
People who are against me will always be defeated. They will flee.
You will bless the land that You will give me.
I will lend and never borrow.
You will make me the head and not the tail, so I can bless others.
I will continue to obey You and believe in Your promises.
I love how Your word is coming alive in my life.
I continue to be excited to see how Your promises will come into fruition in my life.
I love you, Lord. Amen.