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We’ve been using Stepping Up: A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent for the past few weeks in bible study. I highly highly recommend this book to any Christian woman who desires a deeper relationship with God. I also recommend that it be used as a bible study guide.

The workbook takes us through Psalms 120 to 134. It is an interactive book which asks you to read and study the bible, as well as discern how you can apply God’s word in your life. The book comes with a DVD where Beth Moore shares her insights into the Psalms of Ascent. Her talks are full of substance. You can tell that she studied God’s Word within its historical context.

Here is why I think you should read this book:

1. Beth Moore’s writing reads like a conversation. Her language is simple and engaging. I feel like I’m sitting right next to her as I read the book.

2. In spite of the simple language, the book is full of substance. I learned a lot about the historical context of the psalms of ascent, which made me understand God’s word in a deeper way.

3. It’s led me into a deeper relationship with God. I learned how to pray on my knees, face down, to my King of Kings. Somehow, this made me realize how awesome God is, and how worthy He is. I can’t explain in this in any rational manner. It’s an intimacy that you can only experience when you try it out. Once you see God s the King of Kings, everything, problems, negative emotions, all of it, shrink.

4. If you’re thinking of putting structure into your daily bible reading, this is the perfect guide. I’m the type of woman who needs structure to keep motivated and get things done. This book helped me read my bible everyday.