The Middle, Part Two

Once again, this blog is metamorphosing. The name has changed from Healthy Eats to Scribbles because I don’t want to confine myself to writing about food. So at this point in time, this blog is about cultivating healthy habits that make life worth living. Entries may include recipes, eating, exercising, traveling, meditations, stories, and perhaps blog and book reviews soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

The Middle

So it’s January 2012. This blog originally started as an attempt to be a photojournal of healthy eating but it has somehow evolved. My travels make me feel happy, therefore healthy. Happy relationships and the memories that I attach to my loved ones nourish me. Blogging! Time swivels away as I scribe these entries. And my relationship with God. He fills me up.

I’m passionate about sharing these happy moments with y’all. Hope you feel nourished after reading them.

The Beginning

Last April, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I was fat.  (Sorry for not being politically correct.  I’m just being honest and blatant with myself so change can happen.)  I was fat, lethargic, overworked, and stressed.  I’ve had this on and off relationship with being healthy.  Sometimes we’re together, many times I neglect it and therefore it breaks up with me.

At the beginning of 2011, a lot of changes were happening in my life, and practicing good eating habits and exercise flew out the window.  This blog is an attempt to chronicle my journey back on the health trail.  Thank you for stopping by and would love it if you could share your health stories and a recipe or two.

11 Responses to “About: Now in the Middle.”

  1. Hi Sacha! You’re an inspiration! I should borrow recipes from your blog to try to get healthy not just for me but for Montri! My blog, on the other hand, should be named UNhealthy Eats. LOL! With all the rich ice cream and Beignets… tsk tsk. I really shouldn’t complain about being fat. I take full responsibility! 🙂

    But, with your yummy recipes and beautiful photos… I am emboldened to try to eat healthy!

    Good luck on your journey to being healthy and may you continue to inspire so many more self-indulgent dessert and meat lovers like me!

    1. Thanks, for the encouragement, Rica! I love your blog too! One day, when I have a garden, I want to try gardening! It’s one of my dreams! Hope to see you next time I’m in Manila!

  2. Says:

    Sacha! I love your work!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Za! I need it to keep me going! You should blog too! You have so many travel adventures to share! Or perhaps a memoir? Hugs.

  3. Love what you had to say about doing the things that make you happy! That’s what started my blog! Traveling, specifically Egypt at this moment is what makes me happy! I am now going to live in Cairo for three months so I started the blog. Doing what makes you happy is all over my blog… I agree, that will help you be healthy – whatever that looks like for you! Good luck on your journey!

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I do believe that being happy is a choice that’s not necessarily dependent on circumstances. If we make the effort, we can look for the positive in any situation. I’ll check out your blog soon! Egypt sounds like such an exciting place to be in at the moment. Safe travels!

  4. SharonW Says:

    Hi Sacha, I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award – but no pressure 😀

    1. you’re too sweet, sharon! thank you so so much! i’m just taking a brief blog hiatus but will catch up with this once my schedule loosens up.

  5. rakesh kapadnis Says:

    Really good work. Especially the pages about my city- Mumbai :).

    1. Glad you’re enjoying. Now that I live in Baku, please continue to stop by 🙂

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