I was dreading the trip back to Mumbai because it’s always hard for me to physically separate from B. I was dreading this eight hour layover, which to my surprise is ticking away much faster than I thought. Only twenty seven more minutes til I board the plane to Amsterdam, and instead of the boredom and depression I anticipated, I am more than grateful for this pause. This time alone. This time to write, take photos. Reflect.

I know this blog is supposed to be a photo-journal of healthy food. But it’s not only food that nourishes us. God, my relationship with Him, and His Word nourishes my core, me, beyond words. My loving relationships nourish me and bring so much joy to my life. Simple beauty and being able to pause, watch, savor. What more can I ask for today?

Miso Soup at Sora

Philadelphia Roll at Sora

Shooting water fountain