Last Sunday was a perfect Sunday again. I had a chance encounter in the Goregaon East train station, and I was very blessed to hear God’s message shared through Pastor Conrad. To cap it off, I met two Pinays in church–Arlene and Annabelle.

It was nice to have a little piece of home in a strange land, see warm smiles that reach twinkly eyes, and listen to our sing song accents with Tagalog words interspersed with English, a singsong accent that soothes the heart and warms the soul, and gently pulls me back to my archipelago, with its salt breeze air and the rumbling murmurs of jeepneys.

Outside the St. Andrew's Church where we have service. From left to right: me, Lynette, Pastor Kevin, Annabelle and Arlene.

I was eager to share a little piece of Mumbai with Arlene and Annabelle. Whenever I have Pinoys visit me, I take them on my personal Mumbai darshan, i.e. a Mumbai tour. But perhaps I’ll save those travel stories for another time. One of my Mumbai darshan stops is Delhi Darbar, which is a five minute walk from St. Andrew’s in Colaba.

Dehli Darbar serves authentic Mughlai cuisine. Unfortunately, I am not an Indian food expert. I was just telling my friend, K, yesterday that whatever Indian food I liked before coming to live in India, is still the same food that I like. So much for food exploration!

Arlene, Annabelle and I started off our meal with masala papad. The roasted papad is made from ground lentils. It is salty and a healthy alternative to chips and salsa.

On this Sunday, their chicken tandoori was a bit dry but it is usually very good. It’s chicken that’s marinated in spices and baked in a tandoor oven. This chicken tandoori comes with tomatoes, coriander and spices on the side, much like the masala on top of our papad.

We ate our chicken with vegetable biryani. The top of the pot is full of rice but at the bottom they put something moist and slightly spicy. It is very delicious.

We ended our meal with my favorite Indian dessert–kulfi! It is ice cream made from condensed milk and cardamom. It tastes exactly like a Filipino sweet called pastillas de leche in ice cream form. It was a literal melt in your mouth dessert!

I was about to pay for the meal when Annabelle grabbed my wallet and wouldn’t return it to me. Arlene and her insisted on paying for it. Again, another Pinoy trait 🙂

I dropped them off at the corner of Colaba, where they would continue their city trek and shop for trinkets to give away to relatives and friends back home. We hugged and said our goodbyes outside the junk jewelry shop and I faded into the sea of tourists.

Thank you Arlene and Annabelle, for a wonderful Sunday! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your stay in India! Post photos!

This is my last six months in Mumbai and I’d like to catalog images that make my father’s city unique. I always want to remember Mumbai, and I’d always like to see her through a traveler’s eye.

This is where I run to for last minute groceries after school. It's very much like the sari-sari stores in Manila.