I’ve got a long weekend, one of many this year. Originally, I signed up for a tiger safari in Ranthambore but there were no more train tickets. And catching a plane plus renting a car didn’t seem worth it. So here I remain in Mumbai!

I decided to go shopping in Infinity Mall at West Malad. I’m not a mall person because I’d rather save than spend, but from my limited Mumbai mall experience this is my fave mall. If you go early, which means before 3 pm, there’s no one! A luxury in Mumbai! No need to squirm and wiggle your way through a crowd.

I also have a newfound fave shop. Mango! I stayed away from this shop in Manila because the clothes are quite pricey. And Filipinos (or should I say China?) has a way stealing Mango and Zara designs and making copies that you can find in tiangges, the Filipino word for bazaar, entrepreneurial stores where you can bargain!

So far, I’ve only found one bazaar store in Colaba with designs that I really like so for the meantime, Mango it is!

The have designed clothes that are sexy, carefree and perfect for a woman’s body.

I’m glad my trip to Ranthambore didn’t work out because now I can rest and pamper myself.

How do you take care of yourself?

I’ve been posting a photo about India everyday for almost two months. Today, as I walked past this shop at the Oberoi Mall, I realized that I’ve never featured a sari. (Hand clonks forehead!) Perhaps it’s because I prefer more understated colors when it comes to clothing, a.k.a. black. And also perhaps because I’ve never worn a sari, since I’m too afraid that it will fall off. Whatever the case, today, as I passed Sheetal, I couldn’t help but find these sarees pretty. Now I want to keep my eyes open and look, really look, at Indian clothing.