I love airports. I can read in airports. I can work. I can blog. I love how airports are a portal for hellos and goodbyes, a portal for open doors.

To buy or not to buy? B, where will you take me next? 🙂

So crowded. Need to get away.

Thank God for the second level, an escape from the crowds.

Found a seat I could recline in.

Mad about red.

Mumbai smog.

Above the smog, the great escape.

Dripping with passion!–a phrase that best describe the people I worked with today, a phrase that used to describe me, and words to describe what I hope to get back!

My morning started off with a visit to Fazlani L’Academie Globale to attend an IB Asia Pacific regional visit. These visits usually focus on the diploma programme, which isn’t my area of interest. But today, Mignon Weckert and Kathy Derrick, PYP (Primary Years Programme) regional managers who are dripping with passion! when it comes to learning and the PYP led more than half of the meeting. PYP Coordinators from all over India flew down to Mumbai, and the kindergarten room we sat in was charged with excitement, burning questions, and a passion for teaching students! It’s good to be in the company of like minds.

When I returned to school, the fifth grade teachers pulled me into their room and we put our five heads together to try and come up with statements to help students build on their inquiries and conceptual understandings. Yup, I know a lot of jargon. Let it suffice to say that we pondered on concepts, words, learning. It was very much like trying to solve a puzzle.

Time stopped. Nothing mattered outside the four walls of S’s class. Nothing mattered except student learning.

That’s why I’m in education.

I was very impressed with the art work in Fazlani. The focus was more on expression and creativity, rather than technique, which to me, is the purpose of the art. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Fazlani's first grade students created this ostrich to communicate awareness on the ill effects of junk food.

The first step is always the hardest one to take. Last May, I made a decision to buy veggies and not let it slowly rot in my fridge.  If you’re like me, you probably don’t have much time to cook food and are too tired to wash dirty dishes.  Here’s a quick recipe that doesn’t take more than an hour.  And by that I mean the prep, cooking, eating and washing!

I took out one chicken breast fillet, romaine lettuce, broccoli and a handful of button mushrooms from my fridge. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure my ingredients when I first started taking photos of these healthy eats so please bear with the estimates.  This recipe serves one.

I slapped a dash of olive oil on my pan and toasted the chicken on it. Then in a pot of boiling water, I dropped some mushrooms for five minutes and broccoli for two. This cooks the veggies but doesn’t kill all the nutrients. On a plate, I prepared the lettuce, and added the broccoli, mushrooms and chicken. I sprinkled some Kikkoman soy sauce for taste.

Healthy Eats facts:

Chicken – is a good source of protein and has less saturated fat compared to beef. Just make sure it’s skinned!

Broccoli – a rich source of vitamin C, K and A

Mushrooms – a good source for vitamin B12

Romaine Lettuce – rich source of vitamin A and K

Source: http://www.whfoods.com/