Now I feel the swirling in my tummy, the faint aches of hunger. But I am leaning on God, relying on His Spirit and allowing Him to soothe my pangs.

Today started well enough, slow-paced, restful, the way I like it these days. Woke up at 2 pm from a deep slumber (yes, I’m pulling the jet-lag card out again! :-)) and perhaps my body clock is currently following European time. I had some strawberry shake for breakfast and took a walk with K to the Oberoi Mall. The weather here in Mumbai is simply amazing. Cool air, a fresh breeze flapping through our window.

But more importantly, some words from my bible reading jumped out at me this time. And I had a revelation.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV) Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:The old has gone, the new is here!

I’ve come across this verse many times in the past few years, and I am always grateful for God’s reminder to me when I read it. My old life, the one filled with manipulation, fear, anxiety, darkness, yes, every day I felt like I was living in a black hole. That old life is gone. When I put my faith in Jesus Christ, even though it didn’t make sense to me, and sometimes the mystery still baffles me, but when I put my faith in Him, and focused on Him instead of myself, everything changed.

I do have a new life that isn’t dependent on circumstance or people or whatever else this life has to offer. I’m allowing myself to be happy, to take risks, to live out my dreams and adventures every day. I am so grateful and I can’t ask for anything more. Thank you, Lord! I love you.

So happy that it's strawberry season in Mumbai!

My 2 pm breakfast

Found this stall at the food court in Oberoi Mall! The soup is so-so.

Spinach soup for dinner